World Mobile, a decentralized wireless service, releases a Google Play app with a Cardano wallet in Tanzania.

DeWi network operator World Mobile has announced the release of its app on Google Play.

The app was first made available to users in Zanzibar, according to World Mobile, and will now be accessible to users in Tanzania, the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada beginning in August 2023.
The CEO of World Mobile, Micky Watkins, called this a significant turning point in the company’s journey toward its goal of democratizing connection and access to its services on a worldwide scale.

After a series of beta tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, the software was finally released.

According to reports, the app is jam-packed with features like a Cardano wallet, a fiat on-ramp, and Scan for Points capability, which are all covered in more detail below.

Wallet World Mobile
This is a single-address, non-custodial, light wallet specifically designed for Cardano blockchain-based tokens, according to the business. With the help of this functionality, users may handle digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Cardano Native Tokens (CNT) like World Mobile Tokens (WMT) on a safe and convenient platform.

On-ramp Fiat
With the fiat on-ramp service, users may easily convert fiat money like US dollars and euros into WMT, simplifying the transfer from fiat to cryptocurrency.

Look for Points.
With the help of this tool, users may transform a mobile device into a network scanner that finds areas of bad connectivity around the world and compensates them for it. These incentives come in the form of points that may be used in the World Mobile Marketplace. The community’s data sharing will support World Mobile’s plan to deploy AirNodes.

Network Services
The software enables users to stay connected by allowing the purchase and management of data bundles for users located inside the World Mobile network’s coverage area.

Mobile Payments
This functionality, which is only available in Zanzibar right now, makes it easier for people in the area to conduct digital financial transactions, further demonstrating World Mobile’s dedication to promoting financial inclusion.

Users can buy a variety of goods and services from the integrated marketplace, such as Netflix and Binance gift cards, directly from the app.

In Zanzibar, World Mobile has set up over 300 AirNodes that act as access points and give a sizeable number of consumers wireless connectivity.

World Mobile has grand intentions to extend its network to new African nations and beyond. The business wants to build a world-wide community-owned wireless network by expanding its reach.

According to World Mobile, its DeWi technology provides access at a lesser cost than conventional mobile network operators. For rural areas in Africa and other locations, in particular, this affordability is a big benefit. The company thinks that their solution can help to develop a “sharing economy,” which can then be used to raise money to expand telecommunications infrastructure in underserved areas.

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