Unveiling the future tech innovation with Borderless 2.0

The world of technology is not a stand-alone world occupied by aliens; rather, it is a world driven by passion for solving problems and generating ideas.

Ideas don’t come from wood but from rational and irrational thinkers who, by virtue of their exposure and experience, are willing to change the world.

While technology revolves around people, borderless is aimed at developing people who can ideate and innovate our world.

Borderless is the tech not-for-profit arm of Crypto Smart that teaches young adults different tech skills. 

In the mood of reflecting on previous achievements and setting the tone for another year, borderless usually hosts an event. Borderless is an annual developer’s event where tech enthusiasts, founders, venture capitalists, developers, angel investors, etc. come together to discuss the current phase in tech and position themselves as key solutions to the problems in the tech space.

Borderless 2.0

After a resounding success of borderless 1.0, anticipation is building up for borderless 2.0, slated for November 4th, 2023.  Before going into the excitement of Borderless 2.0, let’s take a moment to appreciate the foundation upon which it was built.

The maiden edition of borderless held last year was a testament to the power of creativity and anxiety to build usable solutions.

The theme for borderless 1.0 was “Building Usable Solutions“. Considering the theme, tech enthusiasts, visionaries, Founders, developers, product manager’s, etc congregated to explore ideas and create. 

Borderless 1.0 was indeed a celebration of creativity, where usable solutions were crafted to address real-world challenges, starting with Africa. Fast forward to 2023, and borderless 2.0 emerges as a phoenix arising from its own success.

The guiding theme for borderless 2.0 is “Becoming Solution“. The theme promises to take the concept of problem-solving to another level. 

This time around you will not just build solutions, you will become an embodiment of the solution delving deep into the core issues, understanding intricacies, and innovating with the purpose

Also, borderless 2.0 is not confined to a single location. It transcends physical boundaries as it will be streamed online and live at six different locations across Nigeria. While the heart of the event beats at the Aztec Acrum event center in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the event will be streamed across borders.

Join us on November 4th, 2023, as we witness the future being shaped by the limitless potential of technology and create a borderless world of possibilities.

Click here to register for Borderless 2.0

About Crypto Smart

Crypto Smart is an asset management company with a vision to build sustainable web3 products and processes that provide financial value to our network (individuals, businesses and organizations).

Started with just 9 team members in 2021 but have grown to 17 team members and 5 core departments of both full-time, part-time and volunteer staff.

Crypto Smart has consistently made progress and established several sub-firms:

1. A Tech-Not-For profit – B<>rder/ess.

2. Crypto Smart Trading Academy.

3. Brand Goodwill with the Global web3 Blockchain space and in Nigeria.

4. A web3-based business development consulting outfit – CS Consults 

5. A SaveFi Protocol for web3 finance – Bitsave Protocol.

And a lot more, all without raising any funding.

Crypto Smart upscaled to the Algorand blockchain and offers blockchain products which include SmartChange; a cross-chain P2P marketplace, Bitsave Protocol; a SaveFi protocol that combines savings with DeFi. 

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