Polygon Welcomes Africa’s Web3 Event Management Startup Spacevents

Spacevents, a Web3 event management platform, will soon be available on the Polygon network to enable users from all over the world to have easy access to Web3 and crypto events.

Spacevents is a tool that allows users to create, share, find and attend crypto and Web3 events from anywhere in the world.

Spacevents eliminates some of the fundamental barriers between people and blockchain knowledge by providing an efficacious channel for hosting crypto events, creating an up-to-date pool of Web3 event galleries for anyone looking to discover Web3 events whilst maintaining payment and information security.

It creates a dynamic platform where anyone from any part of the world can sign up for events via their crypto wallets without stress, pay with any crypto of choice, and secure their virtual tickets while retaining NFTs or POAPs. It utilizes blockchain technology to connect individuals and groups from all over the globe for crypto purposes and to serve as a bridge between event organizers and enthusiasts.

It is a community of blockchain-oriented talents dedicated to sharing experiences and opportunities with people interested in the development and innovation of the blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, our mission is to help facilitate the organization, promotion, and attendance of blockchain events, both in real life and virtually for the benefit of the Web3 community.

To better connect event organizers and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, Spacevents has joined the growing number of projects that are building on the Polygon network. This project will take advantage of Polygon’s low fees, high transaction speeds, and small carbon footprint to facilitate global crypto-related connections.

In addition to raising public awareness of crypto events and providing a platform for connecting users with a variety of global crypto events, Spacevents is committed to increasing users’ Web3 reputations by awarding check-out NFTs and POAPs for participation in events organized through the platform.

Spacevents will bring you closer to all happenings in the crypto ecosystem, sign up to our waitlist today and get unlimited access to web3 events around you!

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