Telling a story is the core of Marketing, and that is exactly what FreeMerch has mastered since coming onto the African Marketing scene. Charting the path for a generation of loyalty-based community builders, FreeMerch has established itself as Africa’s First Loyalty-based Campaigner.

Using adequate research and skilled marketing, FreeMerch is a brand that uses merchandise to foster the adoption and integration of Tech and Web3 products. With the vision of better adoption and a heterogeneous mix of Web2 and web3 communities in mind, FreeMerch has partnered with leading tech communities and solution providers such as BYBIT, Gida Academy, Crypto Hills, Borderless Event MayHaven, Swyft and the Blockchain Club across various states in Nigeria among an array of brands. The result of this is a trail of successfully completed projects, increased community growth, higher revenues and visibility of brands, amongst other things.

FreeMerch’s goal is to break the bias towards Tech/Crypto services or products by simplifying each brand’s story and helping them find their unique audience. If you’re wondering how FreeMerch has done this since coming on the scene, it is with the right campaigns and Merchandise to aid user adoption.

Rewards have been used from the beginning of time as an incentive to provoke a kind of reaction from an entity. From the religious books, we see how God promises eternal life if his people adhere to certain tasks. FreeMerch has simply adopted this technique handed down from God to the old Benin Rulers, Colonial Masters and down to the most basic organisations like a family unit, for example. Using Merch as an incentive, FreeMerch has helped increase user engagement and strengthen the brand-to-user relationship, as well as foster community growth for these brands.

The best part of FreeMerch’s technique is how timeless the merchandise is and how it promotes boundless marketing. Imagine having the same print, design and art travel around the world with a user on wheels sharing a brand’s message with love and loyalty in their hearts. It’s a tough dream to make true, but FreeMerch brings it to life excellently.

Tapping into the Gen-Z vibe, FreeMerch uses relatable marketing content and helps brands pass their message across in more unique and fun ways to a larger audience. While maintaining a corporate look on business pages, FreeMerch helps brands adopt a more down-to-earth personality and gain conversions such as increased visibility, higher social media engagements, beta testing, product download and sales. FreeMerch tailors each campaign uniquely to suit the purpose and function of each brand and has never missed.

How Does FreeMerch Work?

From the point of contact to delivery, the process is made seamless, and results are guaranteed. From an incredible array of content marketing packages, merch variations, designs and channels, each brand enjoys the experience. In addition to professional consultancy, real-time marketing, top quality merch production and delivery, brands also enjoy access to Freemerch’s tech and crypto communities which are continuously growing with an end mission of being the largest in Africa.

The Journey So Far

Since Partnering with notable tech/crypto events and brands, FreeMerch has increased its reach by providing futuristic solutions to the marketing problems of each brand. Using crypto-education, sensitization and content marketing, FreeMerch has carved a niche and spot for itself in the tech and crypto space. FreeMerch continually proved the point that Campaigns don’t have to be boring and can be made as dynamic and interesting as the audience.

Follow the journey on social media or visit freemerch.io to take a closer look at the progress made so far.

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