HealthGo Inc., Africa’s leading health-tech solution and gateway to quality, affordable, and faster healthcare assistance leveraging blockchain and Al through connecting users to healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes, is on the verge of making accessible healthcare services for 10 million Nigerians in 10 years.

Mr. DivineGift Soetan, CEO of HealthGo, delivered this statement during the recently inaugurated ceremony of the HealthGo App, an app that allows anybody to access healthcare professionals and services such as diagnostic services, pharmaceutical services, and telemedicine from the comfort of their own homes. He stated that the capacity to reach this goal is based on the staff’s dedication and strategic collaborations with seasoned diagnostic services, pharmaceutical firms, and medical experts who have believed in the company’s aim of making healthcare services available and affordable to all.

“We have developed a different go-to-market strategy that is tailored to achieve our goal of reaching 10 million Nigerians in ten years,” he explained. One of the fantastic programs HealthGo has devised is the Kredit by HealthGo program, which strives to address the country’s concerns with healthcare accessibility. This program is designed to help SMEs in the pharmaceutical industry navigate the business world and develop their firms by providing these business owners and businesses with the skills and technical know-how they need to build their businesses, as well as access to a credit funding scheme. In the next two years, we hope to empower at least 10,000 SMEs and pharmacists.

He further said, “This is in alignment with the goal of the company, which is to bridge the gap between patients and medical services, leveraging technology to advance the availability and accessibility of healthcare services and facilities”. “Furthermore, in order to achieve SDG Goal 3, which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all ages (good health for all) by 2030, HealthGo has taken it upon itself to foster the relationship between patients and healthcare service providers in Nigeria, thus bridging the gap on the issue of inequities to quality and affordable healthcare services. We hope to work with relevant groups to achieve universal health coverage and provide access to safe and inexpensive healthcare services, which will have a big positive impact.”

In an interview with the COO, Mrs. Olabisi Folorunso stated that one of the strategies formulated by the company to achieve the goal of reaching 10 million Nigerians in 10 years is the HealthGo partnership program, which gives room for individuals, small companies, big conglomerates, health care personnel, and non-healthcare personnel to partner with HealthGo on behalf of their users and other networks. We strongly believe the partnership will play a significant role in reaching more users quickly and better. We also haven’t forgotten the young adult, as we have made available strategies to reach them quickly and more efficiently, leveraging various platforms and networks.

HealthGo is a health-tech solution that is changing the face of healthcare in Nigeria. With the growing demand for innovative healthcare approaches, HealthGO, a global portal for general healthcare assistance that includes telehealth, e-health education, and e-commerce of healthcare products and services with a health record system leveraging blockchain technology, is at the forefront of providing a platform that connects patients with healthcare providers from the comfort of their own homes.

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