HealthGO Inc, launch in IFE city, Osun State

HealthGo Inc. in partnership with the Medical Students; Association of Obafemi Awolowo University, recently organized a transformative program for the University medical students themed on health and technology, pioneering solutions for tomorrow’s health, to discuss and unlock a realm of knowledge and opportunities that abound in the health and tech industries, as well as what leaders in the industries have done and could impact the upcoming youth. The event gave insight into Nigeria’s health and technological needs as well as the need to develop game-changing technologies that could advance and improve the healthcare sector’s ability to meet the needs of the population. The event, which took place at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State, was well attended by industry experts and healthcare professionals.

Speaking at the event was the Dean, Faculty of Clinical Science, Obafemi Awolowo University, who encouraged the participants to listen and partake in all that the event has to offer as well as to take keen interest in all the speakers have to discuss from the ray of thought leaders who are present for the event.

Several thought leaders in the healthcare and advanced technology sectors also spoke at the event, including the CEO of HealthGO, DivineGift Soetan; the founder of Clafiya, Ms. Jennie Nwokoya; Dr. Tobi Olatunji, CEO of Intron Health; Dr. Kamil Ajagbe, Co-founder of Boomer X. They spoke extensively on transforming healthcare through innovation and how to navigate the health tech startup Journey in Nigeria and Africa at large. They spoke at length about the various ways that technology has affected the healthcare sector and how Nigeria’s and Africa’s overall healthcare needs has advanced.

They emphasized that adoption of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, and precision medicine is a key factor in accelerating healthcare services and business growth, creating a supportive environment for the healthcare industry and its clients.

Also in attendance at the event were decision-makers from several top-tier healthcare sectors, such as Dr. Olawale Ogunlana, Dr. Chris and Dr. Dolapo Amusan, Dr. Tobi Olatunji, Dr. Joy Aifuobhokhan, Dr. Adeoluwa Olowookere, Dr. Adewunmi Akingbola, and Mr. Oladeji Oluwasegun Stephen, among others.

The event consisted of a series of panel sessions, question and answer sessions, keynote speaking sessions, an exhibition, and special talent recognition, among others.

Some of the side notes carried out by HealtHGo include health education and sensitization of over 500 students regarding their health; over 100 students were tested for malaria, Hepatitis, Blood pressure level, temperature, and Blood glucose level. The program was concluded with HealthGo rewarding some of the users with souvenirs.

The knowledge acquired during this program also gave birth to our student ambassadorship program, where our ambassador will be our eyes and ears, preaching the need to care for one’s health and desensitizing the school community and surrounding communities to health-related issues common in these locations.

In other news, HealthGo recently launched its Android App on Google Play, giving customers access to healthcare services at the tip of their fingers.

The launch, which took place on Twitter Space on July 29, 2023, was graced by renowned thought leaders in the global health, healthcare, pharmaceutical supply, and blockchain industries.

Speaking at the occasion were Dr. Vincent Vincente, the director of Business development at ICORBP; Pharmacist Rukevwe Amos Oghenejakpor, CEO of PIT-Africa; and Dr. Ken Alabi, Co-founder of Toronet Blockchain.

Dr. Vincent Vincente discussed how blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize medical research and clinical trials. The good doctor discussed how blockchain is revolutionizing healthcare, citing examples such as secure medical records, blockchain interoperability, and telemedicine as examples of how blockchain has propelled healthcare services into the future.

Pharmacist Rukevwe spoke on the use of technology to create a more efficient and transparent healthcare supply chain, explaining what is currently available in the pharmaceutical industry, which is primarily supply chain pharmacy and telepharmacy. However, he emphasized that healthtech will bridge the gap in the discrepancy and huge lack currently observed in the industry and help revolutionize some of the challenges faced in the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain. He also suggests some solutions, including demand forecasting systems to reduce waste, automated replenishment systems, and inventory management systems, among others. He believes that technology is only scratching the surface of what it can do for the healthcare industry.

Dr. Ken Alabi, the final speaker, discussed how blockchain can help improve patient data privacy and security. He stated that one of the recent breakthroughs in healthcare has been the introduction of blockchain technology, which will help to bridge the huge gaps in healthcare such as affordability, mobility, accessibility, and the brain drain of medical professionals in developing countries, among other things. He believes that the introduction of telemedicine, telepharamacy, data security, and encryption, as well as accessibility and affordability, will help to address some of these challenges.

The CEO of HealthGo concluded the launch by discussing some of the offers available on the HealthGo app, which include but are not limited to telemedicine, telepharmacy, diagnostic services, logistics, secured client data, patient-doctor confidentiality, and universal access to healthcare services.

HealthGo is a health-tech solution that is changing the face of healthcare in Nigeria. With the growing demand for innovative healthcare approaches, HealthGo is at the forefront of providing a platform that connects patients with healthcare providers from the comfort of their own homes.

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