Crypto Winter Expected To Pull Through To 2024”- Ex Meta Head, David Marcus

According to David Marcus, authorities’ hesitation will persist in 2023 and it would take “a couple of years” to establish clear cryptocurrency legislation.

Crypto enthusiasts looking for a speedy cryptocurrency market rebound were let down when David Marcus, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) payments company Lightspark, said that the bear cycle would probably endure until 2024. We won’t leave this “crypto winter” in 2023, and probably not in 2024 either, Marcus, the co-creator of Meta’s abandoned crypto project Diem, stated in a blog post on December 30.

According to him, it would take “a couple of years” for the cryptocurrency market to recover from the “abuse of dishonest players” and for the necessary laws to take effect. Marcus said that it would take some time to restore investor confidence, which has been seriously damaged by the spate of recent high-profile bankruptcies.

Hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), lenders Voyager Digital and Celsius Network, and the most recent, FTX, followed by lender BlockFi, were among the crypto companies that failed in 2022. Millions of people were affected by the demise of these companies, who lost at least $10 billion in total.Marcus compared the crypto companies’ “quick collapse” to the “fast fall of a house of cards” and said it was a rerun of the “ugliness of the early years of Wall Street’s avarice.”

Marcus specifically pointed out that the demise of FTX brought a “very unneeded dosage of drama” to a terrible year.However, Marcus ended on a positive note, saying, “In the end, I think this [extended crypto bear market] will prove to be a good reset for real industry participants over the long haul.”

The next halving of Bitcoin, which is anticipated to take place in 2024, may not witness a bull run, according to Marcus’ forecast of a persistent crypto winter. BTC has historically seen a bull run throughout each of its halving years, which are 2012, 2016, and 2020.Whether or if the cryptocurrency market rebounds before 2024, Marcus predicted that “real-world applications” would replace the “years of greed.” The days of inventing a token out of thin air and generating millions, he observed, are gone. The tunes have ended.

According to Marcus, the cryptocurrency market is once again producing “actual value and resolving real-world issues.” According to Marcus, this would result in more innovation in 2023, particularly in the areas of payments, asset securitization, decentralized finance (DeFi), zero-knowledge (ZK) applications like proof of reserves, and layer 1 scaling solutions. He also said that the Bitcoin network would get fresh attention in 2023.

Marcus predicts that the Bitcoin Lightning Network will begin to show promise as the “most effective open, interoperable, affordable, real-time payments mechanism” in 2023. Marcus cautioned that this forecast could be self-serving since his company Lightspark attempts to increase the usefulness of Bitcoin via the Lightning network with support from a16z crypto and Paradigm.

Could 2023 Be A Great Year For Crypto Holders?

Trust, stability, and value were damaged, and the failure of companies thought to be driving the rise of the cryptocurrency sector provided material for critics in 2022. Marcus argued that the devastation had driven away investors and provided a chance to start again. He said, “We will emerge from this age stronger and better, but it’ll need patience and commitment. Without a question, the next years will be difficult, but for those who find the will to persevere, they will also be extremely fruitful and gratifying.

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