Crypto Exchange Bybit and Red Bull Launch Athlete Development Program

Crypto derivatives exchange Bybit has teamed up with Oracle Red Bull Racing to launch an athlete development program called The Bybit Performance Accelerator.

According to a press release shared recently, the Accelerator combines education, physiology, and mental well-being to help athletes and professionals continually enhance and improve their performance.

Improving the Mental and Physical Well-Being of Athletes

The program is designed to evaluate participants’ physical and mental well-being through regimen training and help them achieve a competitive advantage over their rivals.

The training is delivered by wellness experts across various specialisms, and according to the release, Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports drivers have already witnessed significant improvements in their performance. This allowed the team to record multiple wins in the 2022 F1 Esports Series, including a second-place finish in the Teams’ Championship.

According to Christian Horner, the Team Principal and CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing, mental health is important in complementing physical training for all athletes, and the Bybit Performance Accelerator is designed to address this critical aspect of training.

Bybit’s co-founder and CEO, Ben Zhou, added that extreme pressure situations place significant stress and strain on the body and mind, making the program essential for improving the continued education, resilience, and well-being of top athletes and professionals.

“Whether its evaluating split-second market moves or hurtling high-performance machines through corners at over 300 kmph, peak performance demands superhuman mental and physical endurance – time after time. That’s why we will continue to support every effort to improve the continued education, resilience, and well-being of top athletes and professionals as they continue to push themselves and boundaries,” Zhou said.

Bybit Signs $150M Deal with Red Bull 

The Accelerator was launched after Bybit was named the Principal Team Partner for Oracle Red Bull Racing in a multi-year deal worth $150 million in 2022.

As part of the deal, the crypto exchange will support Red Bull’s NFT initiative, promote fan tokens, and provide financial inclusion for women in the blockchain industry.

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