Blockroll and TóróNet Form a Strategic Partnership.

Blockroll is thrilled to partner with TóróNet, a Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure focused on solving real-world problems.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Blockroll as we continue to reimagine ways to offer businesses and workers the smartest all-in-one solution for human resource management, payroll, and talent recruitment.

At Blockroll, we understand the need for efficient transactions powered by blockchain networks like TóróNet to foster and empower sustainable communities across the globe. Our partnership with TóróNet is crucial as they share the same purpose of providing the base infrastructure for communities to thrive.

With their expertise and support, TóróNet will be integrated into our platform to provide flexible crypto payment options in Toros or supported fiat stablecoins, creating even more opportunities for businesses and workers who use Blockroll to succeed. This partnership is a win-win for the ecosystem.

Blockroll’s advanced payroll system, combined with TóróNet’s blockchain infrastructure, will provide people with gasless and faster transaction times, unlike native cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This partnership will create financial freedom and inclusion, whereby workers can get paid in different currencies, and businesses can automate and keep a record of payroll activities easily.

At Blockroll, we take pride in providing borderless and limitless opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. We are excited to support this partnership and cannot wait to see the incredible results it will bring.

About Blockroll: Blockroll simplifies payroll and invoicing for remote businesses and workers.

We allow for easy payment processing using innovative technologies, offer flexible payment options, yield rewards, and provide a marketplace for businesses to find talent or explore productivity apps.

Blockroll’s platform streamlines the payment process and reduces the risk of errors and unnecessary time consumption, making it an ideal solution for businesses around the globe.

About TóróNet: TóróNet is a Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure specifically designed to solve real-world problems at scale.

Their vision is for a world of access where finance and technology serve communities so they can fulfill their aspirations for a better life. TóróNet enables community-driven economies with the infrastructure, frameworks, and toolkits to leapfrog and create their path for development.

The network has smart contracts and tokenization functionalities. It is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and secured by a proof-of-stake (PoS) & proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. It supports both custodial and non-custodial setups to give maximum freedom to users and projects to organize in the best possible manner.

Currently, we have partnered with industries ranging from agriculture, finance, banking, and exchanges.

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