A UAE MEmob Blockchain company collaborates with Artifact Labs to create a metaverse fashion house

MEmob+, a Blockchain data intelligence and mining platform based in the United Arab Emirates, has collaborated with Artifact Labs, a leading provider of 360-degree support for businesses and creators in the Metaverse, to create a fashion house and digital art platform in the Metaverse.

Together, the two firms will harness the experience of Artifact Labs’ leading initiatives, such as the Metaverse fashion house Ninzoou and the digital fine art platform Materia, to bring cutting-edge projects and services to MENA region brands and organizations.

MEmob+ and Artifact laboratories will deliver strategic advisory services for the Metaverse to brands and companies, employing Artifact’s NFT and Metaverse-focused solutions in addition to MEmob+’s blockchain consulting services for clients.

Artifact Lab’s comprehensive NFT platform contains all the necessary elements, including user-friendly processes that do not require external wallets, trading tools, royalties for content creators, integration with play-to-earn games, and fiat and cryptocurrency payment processing. Having their own PoS blockchain (FBA, BFT) that complies with Eco-NFT and Clean-NFT trends to give further system control, the Artifact NFT platform enables creators to mint NFTs on any public blockchain, including Ethereum, Flow, and Solana, with no transaction costs.

Materia, one of Artifact’s contemporary art NFT platforms developed by art collectors, art professionals, and blockchain experts, will collaborate with MEmob+ to offer chances for businesses to develop art projects in the Metaverse in collaboration with top artists, curators, and institutions.

Materia also drives Campus Art Dubai (CAD) 9.0 Blockchain 2022 Edition, which is part of Art Dubai’s fair program catering to the changing needs of the UAE’s creative community and aims to provide artists with a comprehensive overview of the NFT world and blockchain applications pertaining to art and cryptocurrencies.

In modern times, there should be no doubt that the Metaverse is here to stay. As brand marketing has become increasingly consumer-driven, it is crucial to comprehend and implement the increasing adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies. Changes in consumer behavior necessitate that brands develop sophisticated Metaverse strategies to reach their audiences. We have observed a demand for more inventive and engaging experiences, and we believe that technology may be utilized to enhance virtual capabilities. Ihab El Yaman, CEO and Founder of MEmob+, remarked, “We are ecstatic about our partnership with Artifact, which will enable us to support enterprises in developing their digitized products, assisting them from start to end in constructing and marketing their assets.

“We are committed to assisting our clients in navigating the virtual world in order to future-proof their assets. Artifact was developed to give an advanced NFT and Metaverse content Launchpad and to provide companies with comprehensive assistance. We look forward to collaborating with MEmob+ to assist brands with Web3 content production and simplify the creation and execution of digital assets for clients. Bobo Delice, the chief marketing officer of Artifact Labs, stated that MEmob+, a pioneering data analytics and marketing platform, will assist Artifact Labs in reaching prospective clients.

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