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2023 International/Innovative Finance Exp Lagos ( IFINEXPO )

After being highly praised by Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur of the International Financial Industry Expo from 2018 to 2021, IFINEXPO will come to beautiful and warm Lagos in January 2023. We hope that by hosting this expo, we can promote the development of the financial industry in the local area, conform to the development of the times, promote the economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries, and strengthen the exchanges between the two peoples.

Together with many local strategic partners and many authoritative exhibitors in Nigeria, we jointly build the financial ecology and create the future of the industry, so as to help the financial industry exchanges between the two countries, develop cooperation and win-win results.

Lagos is the former capital and largest port city of Nigeria and the largest city in West Africa. In Nigeria, Lagos is like Shanghai in China. It is the economic, financial and shipping center of Nigeria and the super first tier city of Nigeria. The Lagos Investment Summit is scheduled to be held on 10-11 January, 2023, hoping to bring you a different experience when you are about to or have already developed in the financial industry!

Summit Features:

The world’s largest Innovative Finance investment Expo

More than 150 Innovative Finance enterprises participated in the exhibition, involving Forex brokers, financial technology companies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, encryption exchange, decentralized finance, mining, payment system, smart contract and financial technology solutions.

Top business network

As the largest and most important activities in the Innovative Finance industry, it is also a perfect personal exhibition and business development space. Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition, including booth, lounge, conference and interactive experience area. Each participant will have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with top masters and innovators in the field of Innovative Finance and expand high-end network resources.

Global communication and influence

This summit cooperates with more than 60 top financial media and media institutions in the Innovative Finance industry to realize exhibition publicity and information dissemination worldwide and improve the brand influence of exhibitors.

High-end networking and upstream/downstream resource across Innovative Finance industrial chain:

This Summit has set corresponding thresholds for participation. The main audience of the audience are the management of Innovative finance companies, and the level of vice president or above, and they are more inclined to communicate with high-end customers. At the same time, this summit integrates the upstream and downstream resources of the Innovative Finance industry chain, and provides necessary technical support and resource sharing services to the visitors.

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